Fair Pack for Fair Brands: Winners of Faculty of Fine Arts, Warsaw

We thank all students for their committed participation and congratulate the winning teams!

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Let's celebrate the winners!

Team: Weronika Sidor and Wiktoria Olszowy

Founded in 1851, the traditional Polish brand Wedel is knownfor producing exquisite chocolates and has been combining tradition withinnovation for over 170 years. The brand's commitment to sustainability andethics makes it a popular choice for chocolate lovers. The new packagingconcept proposes a new packaging material made from bagasse, a by-product ofthe sugar industry that is left over after the sugar cane juice is pressed. Theproduction of bagasse utilises waste from sugar production to createenvironmentally friendly packaging that is an alternative to traditionalmaterials such as plastic. The packaging design of EcoWedel was developed toemphasise the ecological nature of the product. The graphics and colours usedrefer to the long and rich history of the Wedel brand and combine traditionwith a modern approach to environmental protection.


Team: Wiktoria Jabłońska and Kaja Okuń

A family business with over 100 years oftradition that carefully selects all products to ensure the best possiblequality.  The teas and coffees come from sustainable, mostly organiccultivation, and the processing is subject to the highest standards. The brandis committed to maintaining a positive corporate image both internally andexternally. The Sirocco brand range includes loose tea, tea in bags, matcha,bean and ground coffee and capsule coffee. The new packaging concept focuses onbetter on-pack communication, for example highlighting the new range of moreenvironmentally friendly products or emphasising the value of the ecologicalnature of the tea itself. To neutralise the amount of tea waste, the developersof the concept propose to reuse it in the production of the packaging. Bycombining surplus tea leaves with potato starch, it is possible to produce asustainable material that is fully biodegradable within 3-4 weeks of beingplaced in the composter.


Fair Lisner
Team: Aleksandra Prokopczuk and Barbara Szymańska

The project was developed for the Lisnerbrand, which specialises in fish products. Based on information requested bythe brand's marketing departments, the concept creators learnt about thebrand's efforts to adopt a more ecological approach. Their packaging conceptsupports these developments by proposing biodegradable mono-materials, the useof production waste and sustainable finishing to reduce the environmentalfootprint. The decision in favour of high-quality products is reflected in thepackaging design with a high appetite appeal and a clear communicationstructure that shows certificates as proof of compliance with food safetystandards.