Our industry partners

epda advocates cooperation among the different professions along the value chain. Since we are close to brand owners’ needs, we act as a liaison between them and our industry partners.

‍Success is when we all pull together

Why become an epda industry partner?

We seek to discover material and technology innovations from our industry partners to stay up-to-date for the creation of new brand and packaging design concepts, and we share our knowledge and expertise with the partners to create a two-way dialogue. This type of cooperation leads to new relationships, fosters ideas and opens up business opportunities for all.

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your innovations

Engage in epda events

Our events are of course the best opportunity for our industry partners to get in touch with the design community directly – be it through an inspirational talk about relevant innovations for designers, the presentation of a jointly developed case or through a workshop. We are always happy to support you in finding ideas and to prepare activities together.

Find inspiration

We are happy to share our own expertise.

Brainstorming sessions on site with our partners or feedback discussions on product innovations can contribute to the successful development of packaging materials and technologies. Design experts with different specialties from all over Europe offer to contribute as speakers to industry partners’ events. Joint projects based on the partner's needs are also possible, promoting direct exchange and creating valuable synergies.

Develop your network

It’s all about personal relationships.

We believe in face-to-face contact and open dialogue. A one-on-one conversation is sometimes worth more than a lecture to a full house.  This applies to contacts among design agencies, but also to our relationships with our partners. Just pick up the phone and ask the brand and packaging design experts for advice! And vice versa. That’s what partnership means.

Become an epda Jury Member

Take the opportunity to discuss packaging design concepts of young design talents across the value chain.

Our annual epda FUTURE PACKAGING AWARD ™ challenges young design talents to develop new packaging concepts that meet future requirements: be it the changing consumer needs or the sustainability of packaging production, use and recycling. An industry partner expert is always a member of the jury, which changes depending on the award briefing.

Get publicity

We like to talk about what we do!

This happens through communication before, during and after our events, but also throughout the year on our online channels. We publish partner news via LinkedIn and Instagram or organize short online events where our partners and their products can be introduced to the design audience. Thanks to the dedicated partner page on our homepage, industry partners can address the community of designers with their messages in a very targeted way.