Connect, empower
& celebrate European
Brand Design

Who we are

Connecting people through belonging and nurturing those connections thoughtfully and reliably. That’s us. So, it’s no surprise that our brand archetype is The Citizen, with The Lover as our ascendant.

We are an international community of designers defined by our diversity and united by common values. We truly believe that diversity is what brings people together to achieve trust and mutual growth in the brand and design business. Our passion for design pushes us to create value through sensory and emotional experiences.

Our vision

The power of human connection. That’s at the centre of everything we do. We believe in learning by sharing and communicating.

Our vision is to create and support a community, a place for design professionals to meet and interact with each other about all things in design. We strive to be a powerful source of inspiration for our members by providing a range of opportunities to network, to socialise. We feel it is our responsibility to support our members in their creation of meaningful design; to be successful while making positive contributions to society.

How we work

We like to keep things simple.

The epda is run by its members, for its members. We have an elected board, which develops policy, organises events, and drives the association towards its goals. Our General Manager Claudia Josephs heads the epda office based in Germany.  The annual General Assembly conducted digitally gives members the opportunity to vote on epda policies and practices.

What we do

We connect, empower and celebrate European brand design. Every six months, we organize innovative conferences on various topics of the brand design business all over Europe.

However, our work continues throughout the year. We also run conferences on a local level, on and offline. They all serve as the focal point for independent designers and agencies to meet in friendly environments.

Our ethical rules

The epda has no authority or intent to be a design watchdog in design in Europe.

The epda is a voluntary association for which members pay an annual fee with the option to and can end the relation membership each year. If you are an epda member, you commit yourself to the objectives of the epda. Our attempt to define the way all members of epda shouldbehave towards colleagues and clients. They serve as a code of conduct that every member should respect in order to promote and practice their profession while respecting others.

Our constitution

The European Brand & Packaging Design Association, founded in 1991 as the Pan European Brand Design Association, is constituted as a non-profit organisation in accordance with Article 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code and is domiciled in Switzerland: Rue du Simplon 40, 1800 Vevey.