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This is the story of two passionate designers, one Italian - Sylvia Vitale Rotta, one British – Nick Craig, who decided to settle down in Paris to embrace the “French Touch” of design. In 1986, Team Créatif was born and became one of Europe's largest Independent Brand Design consultancies.

Passionate about brands for as long as we can remember, we create and develop leading Consumer Brands, working across all their applications from Identity and Packaging, to Web and Communication, Brand Content (Shortlinks) and Production (Diadem).

Always on the lookout for new horizons, we established subsidiaries in four regions of the world: Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific. Today, over 60% of our business comes from international marketplaces.

Even though we traveled the world, we remained a family business. This is in our DNA: a fierce independence, an appetite for encounters and a passion for collaboration.

This passion also led us to become B-Corp certified in 2021. We firmly believe that there are not just "one", but "several" desirable futures, and it is through creativity that we can invent new harmonies. Our commitment lies in creating desirable brands that are genuinely dedicated to benefiting everyone and the planet.

Isabelle Colders Bence
"It is a great honour to take on the Presidency of this International Association, Design has an essential role to play in our societies. In our fast-changing world, we need to strengthen our community and be in collaborative action, more than ever we need to defend and promote our design professions."


Tic Tac's positivity shines around the world

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In the 1970’s, TIC TAC arrived in Europe and immediately became part of our daily lives, thanks to its iconic recipe, its minty heart coated with vanilla sweetness. With its convenient format, the brand has become an essential to have in your pocket for a privileged moment of sweet freshness, at any time of the day.

But TIC TAC is not only a unique tasting experience, but it is also a moment of sharing, joy, pleasure, and optimism for everyone! To revive the brand worldwide, Team Créatif has unleashed its icon and introduced a new strong asset of the brand: the rays of positivity. Emanating from the logo, these rays release and radiate the freshness of TIC TAC, its spontaneous and positive vibes, as an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

This global redesign reinforces TIC TAC’s iconicity, visibility, and modernity on shelves, while deeply honoring its historical DNA. Our graphic system can be used on pack and off-pack, to spread positivity endlessly on all touchpoints. This exciting project is a perfect illustration of our agency’s expertise in international megabrands.

Arkopharma celebrates the intelligence of nature

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For 40 years, scientists, naturopaths, and biologists at Arkopharma’s laboratory have carefully selected the best from nature to prevent our daily ailments. With their pharmaceutical expertise, they harness the incredible intelligence of Nature, combining science, innovation and safety, while respecting both humanity and the planet.

Drawing from this rich history and the company's DNA through our archetypal methodology, Team Creatif redefined Arkopharma’s brand positioning and identity. To better express its values and help consumers regain control over their health, Arkpharma needed a strong and ownable brand identity, where the health benefit takes center stage on the packaging.

To reveal the uniqueness of the laboratory, we celebrated the deep connection between Science and Nature, reinforced by an impactful and prestigious logotype. We turned the leaf into a brand icon that symbolizes the naturalness and the essentiality of their formulas. And molecules were incorporated to enhance the effectiveness of their products.

With this redesign, we have succeeded in creating a powerful and meaningful brand in the natural medicine market.

Lipton corpo unleashes the magic of a cup of tea

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In 2023, Ekaterra (Lipton, Eléphant, PG tips, Pukka, T2, Tazo…) undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes LIPTON Teas and Infusions. By choosing to rename the company, he latter's aim is to capitalize on the reputation of the Lipton brand, sold in 110 countries and N°1 tea brand in the world.

To accompany this major change, Team Créatif imagined an entire graphic universe reflecting the determination to uphold the values and commitments of the group. A simple and black and white identity, enhanced with touches of yellow and warm colours, reminiscent of the palette of tea and infusion shades.

With this new Corporate Identity, one can feel the magic of a cup of tea and the uniqueness of Lipton’s sensory experience. The aromatic waves subtly evoke the delightful sensations that arise when you infuse a tea bag, a symbol that unites all cultures and civilizations from all around the world. We used a handwritten typography for the signature, to emphasize this human and emotional bond.

Together, we gave birth to an elegant identity that signs all materials and infuses Passion and Excellence in all LIPTON Teas and Infusions expressions.